3D projection mapping on mute

Here’s yet more evidence of the ubiquity of projection mapping as a marketers new best friend, as GlaxoSmithKline’s toothpaste brand Sensodyne took over Toronto's Union Station for an entire evening in order to promote its new Sensodyne iso-active product.

The mapping event, entitled ‘iso3D’, had all the usual elements of a building-based 3D projection whilst also showcasing the product’s foaming action flowing through the station's various windows.

In addition to being the largest projection mapping campaign to date in Canada, the event had one other key element that is worthy of note. In order to reduce the noise pollution produced by the production the sound-track experience was only available to those watching via their mobile handsets.

The focus on mobile interaction makes the whole process much more engaging and personalised, and the extensions for personalised audio are easy to see. This could be the catalyst for a whole new wave of silent disco-styled mapping productions where ground-breaking visuals become the platform for bold musical experiences.

3D projection mapping is clearly all the rage right now, but it will be interesting to see which brands manage to take the concept to a new level of interactivity with consumers in the combined fields of art and music.

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