80s idols in mega monster mash up

Word has it that 1980’s teen starlets Tiffany and Debbie Gibson are to battle it out in a sequel to last year’s low budget viral hit movie ‘Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus’.  The new movie ‘Mega Python vs Gatoroid’ is set to go into production later this year

The original movie – with its screen stealing ‘shark bites plane’ moment stared Deborah (Debbie) Gibson and notched up well over 3M YouTube hits, and another million on MTV.com, driving DVD sales.   Tiffany also appeared in an equally ridiculous, yet underground hit, ‘Mega Piranha’ early this year that drew in 2.2M viewers.

With TV channels usually trying to resuscitate the music careers of 80s artists from the talent wilderness, it seems there is now more mileage in using their prior fame to create original material.

Many brands have tapped the 80s resource already (Mc Hammer’s Cash For Gold ads and Vanilla Ice’s work with Virgin Mobile spring to mind). However, there is clearly potential here to develop original movie styled campaigns with iconic artists from yesteryear, and a series of branded viral shorts promoting other B movie clashes seems almost inevitable.

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