Absolut: Cee Lo Distilled

Absolut vodka has released a teaser trailer for an upcoming two-part online film, which takes a behind-the-scenes look at the “exceptional world” of singer Cee Lo Green.

The film, entitled Cee Lo Distilled – a collaborative effort from Absolut and The Fader - will offer up exclusive and highly personal insight into the singer’s private world, focusing in on his creative inspiration, the music that influences him and his work in the studio.

During the 10 days leading up to the release of the mini documentary, Cee Lo will act as guest editor of Absolut’s Facebook page, interacting directly with his fans. The vodka brand has developed a new app, ‘Forget You’ (the ultimate break-up song), which will enable the singer to comment directly on Friends’ Relationship Status updates.

The first instalment of Cee Lo Distilled goes live on the 27th June and viewers are required to like the brand on Facebook to watch the short film.

The web-based film follows a similar thread to NY-Z, the 15-minute documentary featuring Jay-Z that was released last year, offering up another gritty black and whole micro documentary. However, there is also a common thread here that underpins the promotion and that is one of increasing importance in the realm of music/brand partnerships, that of facilitation and curation.

The Facebook film, as well as driving those all-important Like clicks, positions the brand as the facilitator of an excusive window into the intimate world of an influential musician, whilst also enabling the artist to curate content as opposed to merely being an inactive participant in the campaign. It’s this hybrid which gives brands the ability to step back from heavy handed branding and reap the associated value of letting an artist run (or seemingly run) the whole show.

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