Absolut: Gimme Shelter

Over the years we’ve seen a number of innovative bus shelter campaigns, ranging from charity drop boxes, to ads that enable commuters to talk to people waiting at other bus stops and installations that weigh waiting passengers.

Bus Stops have for a long time been the ultimate pop-up shop, where brands have the ability to engage a captive audience as they wait and wait for their transport to arrive. However, the rising tide of mobile innovation has eroded the attention span of the sedentary commuter. With thousands of Apps available, engaging at bus stops now requires a more immersive experience to turn heads way from perfecting the next level of Angry Birds.

A new campaign from Absolut Vodka is stepping up the bus stop ad campaign by overhauling the entire bus shelter and providing an immersive ad that is hard to ignore.

The Pernod Ricard brand has commissioned nine highly tactile installations in Chicago, developed by photographers Ellen Von Unwerth and Amanda De Cadenet. The outdoor campaign features highly stylized conceptual representations of three of the brand’s drinks - Lemon Drop, Twist and Bloody - while also showcasing the brand’s celebrity ambassadors, actresses Kate Beckinsale, Zooey Deschanel and Ali Larter.

It’s a well executed street level ad campaign, which turns the somewhat arduous task of waiting for a bus into a lavish and pampered ‘me movement’, as it converts the normally dull surroundings into stylish waiting areas, complete with shelter top foliage, and luxury style seating.

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