Absolut: goes sour on Internet kittens

Absolut is currently pitching a trailer online via Facebook for a faux-retro mini movie centring on the abduction of Kittens in order to promote its new sour Lemon Drop drink.

Ali Larter  (who played deadly twins in recently defunct Sci Fi series Heroes) plays the role of Lemon Drop, a parody version of Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. The film is a mix of retro beehives, catsuits, Kung-fu, explosions and …er, kittens, as the brand depicts a girl next door who turns ‘sour’ after her precious feline companions are stolen.

There are elements here that are somewhat derivative but Absolut manages to make it tongue in cheek enough to work. Plus the product name is consistently dropped throughout, with Ali brining plenty of personification to the new drink.

Music in the production comes courtesy of M Craft, Holly Golightly, and Powersolo and the movie is set to première later in the summer.

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