Absolut: Perfect Fusion mixtape

Absolut is currently promoting its new Orient Apple flavor, a new blend of its famous vodka that combines crisp apple sweetness with ginger spice, by releasing an accompanying soundtrack that reflects the product’s mixed up vibe.

The mixtape, which is powered by RCRD LBL and available as a free download from the brand’s Facebook page, contains a unique selection of indie artists, including Emmy the Great, I Break Horses, Bon Iver, Cloud Control and Best Coast.

Although free music has been given away by brands for the best part of the last two decades in some from or another, from on-pack downloads to free Spotify passes, there is still plenty of life in music gifting.

Free branded music giveaways have often been derided for being out of touch with the current music climate, often expecting purchasers to jump through laborious redemption mechanics in order to get the odd free track, when a glut of free music is now readily available online.

However, the real value in free music is in providing context, and this means delivering music with an a editorialised slant, facilitating not only access to music carte blanche, but being able to distil the very best recommendations based on a profile of your target audience.

This is exactly want Absolut is doing with this relatively simple mixtape campaign, providing songs that its key audience actually might be interested in and thereby acknowledging that they are already credible connoisseurs of music, making the promotion feel more personal and tailored.

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