Activia: Social rhythms in a pot

Proving that even the most difficult of brand messages can be better served through music, the Danone owned yogurt brand Activia developed a slightly bizarre musical campaign in order to side step the “regulating your intestines” premise of its product.

The ‘Rhythm in a Pot’ campaign from Activia Brazil pretty much did exactly what it suggests, putting musicians – whether guitarists or rappers – into a larger-than-life Activia yoghurt pot to perform live.

The promotion was integrated with Facebook enabling the various musicians involved to base their improvised compositions on the timelines of various Facebook users, thereby putting these user’s lives – rather than their digestive systems - in rhythm.

Sticking musicians in a giant yogurt tub and letting them wax lyrical over the most banal of updates may not seem like the most digitally progressive campaign.  However, over 1,000 Facebook users submitted their personal lives to be put into rhythm, with the campaign videos shared to a further 200,000, and the whole thing apparently impacting over 4 million people across the Internet.

Rhythm in the pot from Simone Santos on Vimeo.

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