Adidas: Cooks up sneakers

Adidas is promoting its Torsion and SoftSell range through a new digital platform that emulates a 1950s diner, as the brand literally serves up its footwear creations on a platter.

A sultry, if a little impatient, waitress is ready to take your order online via a series of multiple-choice taste questions at the 'Adidas Mega Diner'.  Once your order is requested she will pass it over to Hip Hop artist BOB who will get to work in the kitchen creating your very own personalised set of Adidas footwear.

In the accompanying ad the footwear is created to the sound of the track ‘Magic’, a recent BOB collaboration with Rivers Cuomo from Weezer.

Viewers of the website can also order takeaway food (purchases through the online store), and cook up creations for their friends which will be delivered via Facebook.

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