Adidas Japan: bet your friends

Here’s a quirky little web-based campaign from Adidas Japan promoting its Be Originals range.  It’s a simple online reworking of the classic Rock, Paper, Scissors game, with a rather unique betting system built in.

On start up a player is asked to pitch their Twitter ID against any other Twitter ID or a selection of pre-suggested ID’s from the likes of Adidas Japan and MTV. Once selected the two social media opponents will then play a virtual game of Rock, Paper, Scissors – using their Twitter followers as betting collateral.

During each round the player is asked how many of their followers they are willing to bet, before selecting their choice of object. Winning the round sees the player stealing followers from the other Twitter user, while losing the round sees their social entourage rapidly decreasing.

We pitched our 2874 followers against Adidas Japan’s 3546, bid high and promptly lost 1,000 followers. Luckily this game isn't actually connected live to Twitter and is for amusement only, so we’re not actually cutting off our followers for the sake of a bit of casual gaming.

In some ways its a shame its not actually real, as this would have made an excellent addition to Burger King’s ‘Whopper Sacrifice’ campaign, which questioned the true nature of friendship within social networks as it asked players to ditch 10 friends in return for a burger voucher.

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