Adidas: Killer projection map

Adidas follows up the global launch of is new ‘All In’ ad campaign - which once again fuses together the worlds of fashion, sport and music - with an innovative 3D projection mapping event in France.

The projection itself saw the ubiquitous elements so common with 3D mapping (buildings crumbling before your eyes, for example) as a  variety of sporting activities, from football to biking, were passionately played out.

The TV ad campaign relied heavily on a strong soundtrack  provided by French duo Justice and the projection mapping event is no different, opting to utilise French DJ Cut Killer, who played live against the visual backdrop turning the  technology heavy event into a live music concert.

The 3D event serves to highlight recent comments from the sportswear brand about the interconnected entertainment values of its core consumers, people who cannot be defined by one entertainment medium alone.

"Today's consumers are not one-dimensional," said Patrik Nilsson, president of adidas America.  "They live across the cultural spectrum and that's where adidas has its edge. The adidas brand extends beyond sports and 'all adidas' celebrates this breadth of passion from athletes, musicians, artists and beyond”.

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