Adidas: shoes with musical sole

Adidas has developed a unique foot powered music concept as part of its ongoing work promoting the adidias originals Mega brand of footwear.

The campaign centers on a video, set in Paris, which features French hip-hop and break dancers Les Twins alongside Bboy Lamine and Bboy Mounir, using the shoes to perform a form of modern tap dancing - creating a unique soundtrack as they move.

Despite looking like a faux viral the shoes actually do work as musical instruments, having being designed to work across six different shoes at once within a 6-7 metre range from the speakers.  The footwear works by applying pressure to sensors in both the heel and the toe, which activates a series of drum sounds. If the full technical spec is of interest to you, you can check out the construction of the device here.

The dance based music concept was also rolled out at a number of French adidas outlets, enabling consumers to have a go at creating their own footwear-based soundscapes themselves, by utilsing a real life mix of dance mat based gaming, the ever popular Tap Tap Revenge app and a mini music studio.

The actual track used in the video – by B’Zwax – is available here courtesy of Soundcloud.

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