American Express: ‘Unstaged’

American Express has entered into a partnership with the VEVO music video platform to provide a series of intimate live music experiences. ‘Unstaged: An Original Series from American Express,’ will be a long running branded entertainment platform for the brand over the next twelve months on the popular YouTube powered music video destination, which is owned in part by Universal music and Sony Music Entertainment.

It’s this connection to the music industry that has caught American Express’ attention. Partnering with VEVO has meant sidestepping an off the shelf sponsorship deal, enabling the brand to be creatively evolved in the evolution of the service, granting them closer access to the music and therein closer access to the associated fan bases.

"It's about creating a bridge between our legacy of providing these live in-person experiences, and now creating a unique digital experience," said Courtney Kelso, VP sports and entertainment access strategy at American Express.

The first of five exclusive live-streamed concerts to be showcased via the platform will take place on 5th August, with a performance by Arcade Fire at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Tickets are available exclusively to Amex cardholders.

A couple of interactive features will also be promoted during the concert. Firstly, viewers will be able to switch cameras as they view the production from the director’s stream and a second additional view. Secondly, users will be encourage to upload photos of their ‘suburbs’, which will be utilised on stage during the bands performance of a track by the same name.

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