American Express: Blank Canvases

American Express takes a leaf from Converse’s ‘Three artists. One Song’ book in its new ads for the Zync Card. Like the Converse campaign, which combined artists from different genres to create a music composition together, the credit card brand has opted for three different bands to develop their own take on one ad soundtrack.

The ‘Blank Canvases’ commercials feature an ad sync created by The Antlers, Andrew Bird and Passion Pit, each one sounding similar but ultimately unique. The ads promote the Zync Card ad new credit card from American Express that enables users to tailor their cards to receive personalised reward, be they for restaurants or concert tickets.

A nice take on the personalisation motif, whilst also focusing in on the creativity and individuality of the artists involved. An added campaign element would be to enable viewers to create their own version of the ad soundtrack online - and personalise video elements based on their reward preferences - via a series of mixing tools.

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