American Express invests in story telling

The central key to a credible brand campaign is more often than not its narrative. Some of the most successful brands are those that have managed to ingrain their products at the very heart of our culture by integrated their brand story into our everyday lives. When a brand reaches this tipping point product launches cease to be just about the object and become ‘chapters’ in an evolving storyline which the consumer feels part of.

However, in a push-pull marketing environment, enabling consumers to tell their own stories is equally important.

American Express is actively encouraging the lost art of story telling in its latest ‘My Movie Pitch’ independent film competition, which lets users upload their 60-second dream movie ideas.   The campaign  - part of the brand’s sponsorship of the Tribeca Film Festival - marks the first time the finance company has opted for a movie pitch promotion and sees it pushing its "organic outreach efforts to influential members of the online film community."

The video efforts will be voted on by the public, and judged by experts, with the overall winner seeing his or her pitch made into a 15-minute short film that will debut at the 2011 Tribeca Film festival.

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