Amnesia Connect: gesture based sharing

The fluid movement of content - be it images, apps or video - between devices has been promoted in movies for the past part of the last two decades, but a new application is making the convergence of media across physical platforms something of a reality.

Amnesia Connect is a new 'gesture-based' interface that works across all Apple IOS devices (with Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry Smartphones accessibly also currently being developed) which enables seamless connections between Microsoft’s Surface Table and a range of devices.

“The new software promises a range of new possibilities for the retail and hospitality industries in particular. In the near future we envisage a smartphone user being to complete commercial transactions for both physical and digital content, said Iain McDonald, the Executive Creative Director behind the project.

Despite the fact that consumers are unlikely to get hands on with the highly innovative Microsoft Surface Table any time soon, the possibilities for device integration are incredibly impressive.

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