Are Smart Tags the new QR codes?

As the first month of 2012 draws to a close the predictions of self proclaimed media futurists and trend analysts are still rattling round our head. The trends that tend to stick though are the ones that have been around a while, but still haven't really come to fruition. Personalisation and making consumers' lives easier are two things that will never go away...

So say hello to Experia's 'Smart Tags', another example of these two wider trends in action. Providing a slight twist and advancement of Near Field Communication (NFC) these small key ring compatible tags combine and systemize functions by environment. Check the video below to see these clever little tags in action.

It's undeniably cool. However, considering that QR codes still have haven't really entered the public consciousness and that location / content services such as Repudo are still in their infancy - mainstream penetration feels a way off yet. That said, maybe the future success of Smart Tags will be driven by a less clunky user experience, as frequently experienced with its scanable QR cousin.

For marketers this new technology provides all sorts of opportunities. Personalised product and service offerings focused around key lifestyle moments (from the day to day, to travel, finance, keeping fit) and smart ad and content exchanges based on location. Creating campaigns based around special events and moments (think football World Cup, Valentines or similar). For example, see your favourite band play at your favourite venue and by default receive band content direct to your phone just by walking through the door.

One thing is for sure though - we're going to see more of this and mainstream consumer uptake is only a matter of time as we all become smart phone users and technology allows us to interact with such offerings, seamlessly and stress free, turning it into part of our day to day life.

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