The art of music video product placement

Thinking of surreptitiously placing your brand into a music video? Then you may need to think a little more laterally than just a quick brand cameo in the hand of a celebrity.

Product placements have been popping up in music videos for some time now, as record labels look to offset the vast expense of video creation. Whether its Jlo driving around in a brand new Fiat or Lady Gaga packing out her video epics with everything from dating websites to salad dressing.

However, what is particularly noticeable about the new wave of in-video placements is how they – much like brand activity in the wider music world – are becoming increasingly collaborative, with brands acting as instigators of new creative work alongside music artists.

Take for example the new video for 'In Your Arms' by Kina Grannis, which sees the singer/songwriter performing in front of a constantly morphing stop motion background made up of thousands of Jelly Beans. The video – how a massive viral hit, with over 1.5M views – is actively supported by confectionery company Jelly Belly, which not only nets a post-roll mention, but also gains 288,000 product placements.

It took 30 people, with a couple of well-placed ladders and a camera, a fairly impressive 22 months, 1,357 hours to complete this sugary viral masterpiece, and the brand has leveraged both a making of video and additional footage of the singer visiting the company’s factory around the main content.

It’s very much a win/win situation. The artist gains a viral hit, spreading interest in her music, plus the brand manages to come across as a facilitator of new creative work, gaining an ambassador, viral traction and a credible way to talk directly about their product.

The making of video has seen over 286,000 views, a fairly impressive count for this type of video, which can often end up with very low follow through traction from the main body of work.

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