Asia’s instant brand gratification

While we’re on the subject of instant re-hydrated snacks, here’s an interesting noodle based music video/ad mash up from Japan for Cup Noodle. The ad features the music video for Jamiroquai’s ‘Virtual Insanity’ with slightly reworked lyrics and heavy overlaid product branding. Jay Kay now sings "I am hungry, I am hungry, I like Cup Noodle, I don't need other one."

As ever the ‘subtlety’ of the Japanese ad market shows us just how differently music and brands work in Asia. Artist associations and connections with product are key, with Japanese consumers more concerned with the safety of corporate identity than a deeper underlying message. This leaves underground, more developed and subtler integrations – as seen in the West – well outside the creative endeavours of most. This is starting to change slowly, with some brands – notable from the fashion sector (see Converse's efforts here) – attempting to offer broader grassroots activity. But for now the 'hold it and smile' mentality is proving hard to displace, and as a result engaging consumers on a more emotive level with brands can sometimes prove difficult.

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