Asics: Foot balls

The Japanese footwear brand is positioning its new Gel-Blur 33 lightweight sneaker range as the ‘archenemy of gravity’, so in order to drive this message home they developed an innovative levitating shoe commercial  - all without the aid of viral CGI trickery.

The ad depicts 3,000 ping-pong balls being pushed up into the air by industrial strength air compressors as they slowly form together to create a 72 square foot image of the new shoe hovering above the ground.

The concept was no mean feet, requiring the engineering skills of a real life rocket scientist, the pressure power of 24 separate air valves and 800 carefully placed guide lines for the balls to traverse up.

The commercial reminds us of a similar gravity defying concept from Nike that rolled out in-store in Argentina last year, which enabled customers to race two Air Max shoes against each other across a bed of air.

What’s particularly nice about Asics effort is that it has avoided the lure of CGI gimmickry, instead opting to put effort into showcasing their engineering capabilities. It makes for a much more natural positioning, one that further enhances the message of a shoe that is supposed to encourage ‘natural’ foot movement

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