ASOS: Urban Tour

Whereas Macy’s decided to opt for a drama based premise to showcase its new collection, digital fashion retail pioneer ASOS is turning its attentions to street culture in a bid to promote its new Fall/Winter menswear collection.

A new digital experience, the ASOS Urban Tour, aims to showcase fashion by honing in on street performers, such as dancers and skaters, across seven cities; Paris, Tokyo, London, Shanghai, New York, Los Angeles and Berlin.

The web experience is incredibly slick, utilising a scrolling map that takes you from a birds eye view of the world, sweeping down into the street action in each city with beautifully fluid movements. Clicking on any of the dancers or skaters in the interactive version of the video links to a video of the performer showcasing his own talents and style, enabling shoppers to purchase the various items he wears.

The production is deeply engaging and evocative, and sees ASOS once again utilising an innovative approach to marketing clothing (always a problem, due to the barrier of touch the Internet presents).  The campaign is a natural extension of the online catwalk concept ASOS currently uses for each piece of clothing it sells, providing a tangible way for customers to see the clothes in action.

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