Augmented taste test

Next time you stop for a biscuit break; imagine if you could change the flavour of the biscuit to suit your mood.

The University of Tokyo in Japan has come up with a concept – first debuted at the SIGGRAPH computer graphics and animation conference – which brings the possibilities of augmenting taste closer to becoming a reality.

A combination of augmented reality technology (which projects visual images onto the cookies) and smells released by an air pump, trick the wearer into believing that they can taste a particular flavour.

It’s currently a nascent concept and somewhat un-user friendly, unless you have a penchant for cumbersome plastic headwear. However, the notion that food itself can be digitally enhanced is an interesting one.

Kids across the globe could be encouraged to happily gobble down their broccoli when it suddenly looks, smells and tastes like candy.

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