Augmenting found objects

With marketers clambering over each other to ‘augment’ reality, either via digital AR code campaigns (often requiring a user to print and hold a very non-digital piece of paper) or Augmented mobile layers on the real world, some are side stepping the technological melee in favour of a more direct and tangible approach to enhancing the world.

McDonald’s did just this in Switzerland, during the country's major public festival Zurifest, by taking a standard zebra crossing and overlaying it with a simple representation of one of its portions of fries, turning the fries themselves into the lines of the crossing.

Schweppes is another brand that turned its hand to enhancing an already existing object. This time it was the turn of the paço de arcos geyser in Portugal to get a makeover. The top of a giant Schweppes bottle was carefully laid over the geyser turning the water spurt into fizzing Schweppes liquid. A process that apparently took 10 hours and involved a transport truck and a helicopter to move the 500 kilo installation.

However, it’s not only an eye catching promo targeting people on their way to work along the seafront road. It will also maintain and clean the geyser for the next 12 months.

schweppes bottle oeiras from Pony Tale on Vimeo.

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