Auto tune: 3 car brands utilising music tech

With news that everyone’s favourite streaming music service, Spotify, is to be integrated into over 1 million Ford vehicles across the US (as part of the Ford Sync AppLink system) and Volvo vehicles across Europe (through the brand’s Sensus Connected Touch system), we thought we’d turn our attention to some other automotive brands that are utilising a hybrid of music and technology to bolster the appeal of their latest models...

SCION - Ghost Glass

Scion, a brand that has long championed the use of music to reach new audiences, instigated a bold and innovative slice of interactive audio technology as its showpiece across four of the largest auto shows in North America (LA, Detroit, NYC and Chicago).

Ghost Glass gave event guests complete control over a vast network of interactive media, as they used specially created translucent cards to unlock a variety of digital content, from multisensory product demos to hidden codes and messages. 

The showcase was driven by a series of multi-touch surfaces, where the users cards could unlock rich multimedia graphics and use different Scion vehicles as a fully functioning beat making machine. The beauty of this particular element was in how visitors could work collaboratively to create music, while digging deeper into the ethos of the brand and its culture.

SUBARU – Minicar Music Player

Subaru created an innovative product demo for their collision avoidance ‘EyeSight’ technology, a clever piece of tech that monitors the road ahead in order to circumnavigate potentially dangerous driving scenarios.

Set in a car park, an array of miniature Subarus - each fitted with a forward-facing stereoscopic camera and a variety of trigger sounds – were set in motion. Narrowly avoiding each other the micro vehicles carefully choreographed a symphony of sound.

A smart slice of video content that converts what could have been a humdrum safety feature announcement into an engaging collaborative musical instrument.

PEUGEOT - Piano of the future

The French automotive brand channelled the intricacies of technological innovative and considered craftsmanship that goes into its vehicles into the creation of a bespoke instrument.

The brand worked collaboratively with world-renowned piano manufacturer Pleyel on the creation of a futuristic, streamlined grand piano. Peugeot experts and Pleyel’s acoustic engineers joined forces to develop a unique interpretation of the instrument that offered both superior sound quality and design esthetics – cleverly showcasing the attention to detail that goes into each Peugeot vehicle.

Singer and X Factor runner up Ella Henderson debuted the piano, using the delicately crafted instrument to perform her song ‘Believe’ at a special launch event. 

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