Awkward Virgin

Virgin America has teamed up with internet meme website Awkward Family Photos – which does exactly what it says on the digital tin – on a competition designed to capture people at their worst.

The airline is offering up four round trip tickets to anywhere the airline brand files to for the person who can supply the most heinous family holiday photographs. Not only that but they will also offer up an extra ‘Joyride’ prize to the Californian resident who provides the best, worst photo.

The winners of the ‘Joyride’ experience, which forms part of Virgin America’s Orlando launch party flight, will be met by Sir Richard Branson – like he’d miss the PR opportunity – at a red carpet reception.

“Between the sunburns and the sing-alongs, sometimes the only thing relaxing about a family vacation is when we finally make it home,” states Virgin America, which seems, rather bizarrely, to run directly against the grain of its business model.

In addition to the attention seeking British billionaire meeting California’s most unphotogenic family, everyone who submits or votes for a photo will net an ‘awkward’ 33.3% off their next Virgin America flight.

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