Axe: Dirty, funny people

We’ve said before how comedy – a somewhat untapped medium outside of viral videos - is rapidly becoming the new branded content must have amongst brands, from Ford’s comedy puppet ambassador to Ikea’s stand up comedians to Phillips comedic marketing executive.

Axe is the latest brand to delve a little deeper into comedy as it partners up with Comedy Central on a new web series to promote its re-launched and re-packaged shower gel under the tagline ‘The Cleaner You Are, The Dirtier You Get’.

Axe Dirtcathalon, billed as “the most subjective game show on the Internet”, pits couples against each other in a series of challenges designed to get them as messy as humanly possible. The various tasks range from recreating paintings using their bodies as brushes to attempting to carry vast trays of drinks whilst jointly wearing a two-person toga outfit.

Comedian (and star of The Hangover) Rob Riggle - who only recently popped up in a Hewlett Packard piece of comedy online content - acts as the shows compare, delivering commentary on the action as it unfolds.

In typical axe style the whole thing isn’t taken very seriously and there are, naturally, plenty of opportunities for the female participants to get undressed and messy.

The voice over, delivered in sports commentary style,  is particularly arch and knowing, often sending up the marketing aspects of the promotion, such as Rob outlining how they have selected “four lovely ladies and four guys we picked because they might look like you”.

In addition to the web series the brand has also developed the Axe Dirty Dilemmas Sweepstakes, which invites players to choose between two difficult scenarios on order to accrue point and in turn prizes. These prizes, over 11,000 of them, include video cameras, shower radios, bath towels and Axe products in addition to a grand prize of a $10,000 trip to Spain for a giant tomato fight. Players can connect directly with their social media friends and even set Dirty Dilemma questions themselves.

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