Band creates 3D fly posters

The fly poster is a somewhat ingrained and dated part of the musicians marketing arsenal, and like so many other print based ads it can often come across as the poor cousin to digital and mobile marketing when it comes to engaging increasingly fragmented consumers.

In an ad saturated world fly posters have become urban wallpaper, almost invisible to the human eye. Many have attempted to add an additional mobile and/or digital element, but frankly sticking a QR code on a fly poster isn’t really a solution if no one is actually looking at them in the first place.

With this in mind Sony band Dry The River took a fairly innovative approach to the humble fly poster recently, opting to turn the cheap slap-it-up anywhere poster into a beautiful handcrafted piece of urban art. The band positioned posters around London with 3D white horses galloping forth from the image, creating the kind of effect that is often only delivered via mobile Augmented Reality apps.

Each of the 3D paper craft horses took around 35 painstaking hours to create, making this a real labour of love as opposed to a mass run of cheap print paraphernalia.

It’s certainly eye catching, but it’s the use of craft – which has become increasingly prevalent among consumer brands in their marketing efforts of late (Levi's 'Craft of Music' for example) – that delivers the most value here. It positions the band as craftsmen, reflecting the quality and creativity that goes into their music. The making of video, which shows the creation of the paper sculptures, also doubles as a music video for the band – a nice touch, which again reinforces this message.

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