Be careful what you wish for…

..or complain about.  You could find a household brand on your doorstep.

Brands are finally waking up to the idea that social listening is possibly the most effective use of Social Media  (as opposed to adding incessant streams of content into the already overcrowded Twitter stream). Keeping a close ear to the ground and understanding how your audience is already interacting and talking about your brand in the real world is crucial, as is being able to react in a timely and effective matter.

One such brand putting social listening into practice is US cracker brand Wheat Thins.  Wheat Thins combed Twitter for positive messages about their band and then – with the help of the user’s Facebook friends - tracked down the individuals, arriving at their homes unexpectedly to drop off a truck load of snacks. Then left as quickly as they came.

One such person was Tabitha who wrote, “AAAHHHH Im outta wheat thins... Mi life is officially over!" only to find she was suddenly the proud owner of a palette of Wheat Thins on her drive. A great piece of reactionary marketing.

I have just this moment posted tweets belaying my lack of a bacon sandwich, an iPhone 4 and Ashley Greene.

Fingers crossed.

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