Beer brand creates website out of chocolate

Sagres, the leading Portuguese beer brand, recently developed a new chocolate flavoured stout beer. As you do.

Now, despite the fact that we question the necessity of such a bizarre hybrid of tastes coming into existence, the campaign that helped to launch this new product is worth a mention, due to the way in which it perfectly blends the digital and physical worlds.

With no big media spend behind the launch of Sagres Preta Chocolate; print and TV ads were out, so the whole promotion hung on delivering an engaging digital campaign.

Proving that no idea is a bad idea when it comes to those arduous hours spent huddled round a whiteboard in creative brainstorming sessions, the brand decided the best way to promote the product was to build a website in its product's likeness. Out of chocolate.

Sagres brought on board chocolatier extraordinaire Victor Nunes, artistic director of the Óbidos International Chocolate Festival, to hand carve the individual elements of the website, from the homepage to every clickable button. These delicately sculptured pieces were then photographed to create an actual website.

All very clever, but digital chocolate probably isn’t going to set the world alight, primarily due to the fact that licking your laptop provides no discernible taste. Sagres knew this and to make the website all the more real it initiated a competition element which enabled visitors to win pieces of the meticulously crafted website each day, accompanied by a six pack of Sagres chocolate beer.

It’s a quirky adaptation on the craftsmanship and artisan buzz that is currently all the rage with marketers. One that actually focuses in on the core proposition of the beer, helping to promote it as a carefully considered higher end product, as opposed to a mere novelty thought up on a whim.

Sagres Preta Chocolate from diografic on Vimeo.

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