Belly laughs

Having a child can be stressful for new parents - stretch marks, maternity bras, bizarre cravings and hormonal mood swings are all obstacles that must be contended with. In recognition of the fact that ‘sometimes being pregnant means you don’t know whether to laugh or cry’, Huggies has teamed up with JWT Entertainment to inject some humour into expecting mothers’ and fathers’ lives.

Huggies little bundle of laughs’ is a project that aims is to celebrate the ups and downs that come together during parenting. It comprises of a dedicated website featuring exclusive filmed comedy content .  This was largely filmed at a Huggies comedy event on 10th August with performances from comics including Ardal O’Hanlon, Kerry Godliman and a heavily pregnant Lucy Porter. Guests included celebrities and competition winners and proceeds were donated to baby charity Tommy’s.

In addition to the 3-5 minute clips of their performances, there is also information for both mums and new mums. The clips will also be distributed online on YouTube and Facebook.

The following clip asks: "Can laughter relieve the pressure?". I'm sure it can, but doesn't it also provoke post-partum incontinence?

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