Bespoke minibar experiences

The hotel minibar, much like the Gideon bible in the bedside cabinet, has long been a staple of the hotel room experience. However, these small refrigerators, well stocked with overpriced alcoholic miniatures and the kind of snacks that help travelling businessmen retain their svelte figures, have seen little change over the years.

With ever developing consumer requirements is there now room for other mini-experiences to enter the hotel experience?

The School Of Life, a social enterprise offering good advice for everyday living, believes there is. The company has partnered up with the Morgans Hotel Group on an exclusive project entitled ‘Minibar for the Mind’, a bespoke packaged experience that offers “an intriguing and thought-provoking alternative to the usual minibar fare”.

An especially designed box is being placed in Morgans Hotel room minibars filled with a selection of unique conversation starters.  Each box contains 250 cards featuring questions, quotations and provocations to start tongues wagging; two tailor-made reading prescriptions designed to evoke moods of relaxation or seduction, and a selection of the best columns written by The School of Life’s faculty and friends.

It naturally requires a lot of buy in and creative effort from guests, but does offer something more engaging to do whilst slowly emptying the minibar of its drinks.

Could this same experience led concept by applied to other areas. How about the minibar concert experience? A bespoke package created in conjunction with a major artist who curates a ‘music in a box’ concert experience, featuring music from emerging artists, collaborative editorial with influential music tastemakers in addition to competitions and souvenir content.

The packages could also be extended to other genres, such as film, sport and comedy, thereby delivering an experience that offers personalised content whilst also driving minibar sales in the guest's rooms.

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