Beware of the Nightclub fridge

Coca-Cola’s altruistic ‘Happiness Machine’ took the humble vending machine into new personalised territory.  However, the Primo milk drink opted for a more dramatic bespoke vending experience with its 'Take a Moment and Chill’ campaign in New Zealand, one with a carrot and a stick approach to winning customers.

Thirsty drivers stopping at a gas station in Auckland had the option of grabbing a quick drink from one of two strategically placed fridges - one full of fizzy drinks, the other full of Primo flavoured milk.

Those opting for the carbonated cabinet are greeted by a heart attack inducing blast of rave music, complete with lighting bolts, as gyrating bodies surround them. Those opting for Primo receive a chilled experience including relaxing music and visuals alongside pirouetting dancers.

A great piece of experimental marketing that generates natural voyeuristic virals.

Arguably, this campaign could easily work the other way round as well - say for an energy drink – where potential customers may interpret a fridge turning into a nightclub as a very positive thing.

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