Beyond bacon

This week we (Jack and Dom) hit the road to participate in a series of talks and workshops for the British Council in Denmark.

First up we met some inspiring creative entrepreneurs at Republikken in Copenhagen - home to a smorgasbord of architects, visual artists, communications people and product designers. Republikken is such a fresh way to build a whole that is greater than the sum of it's parts - and we're happy to be their friends.

Then we hopped on a train and visited the music 'hub' Promus in Aarhus. Another visionary project supporting local music businesses across the board. We presented to agencies, labels, artists, managers and even a few brands. Name checks to Jacob (British Council), Karsten (Sonic Minds), Jesper & Anne (Promus), Robert (GAFFA) and the Kaospilots.

With a new Danish client in tow - we're looking forward to more of their excellent beer in the future. Tak!

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