Beyond soundtracks: reinventing retail music

Bad music can be a real mood killer – for shoppers just as much. The importance of securing an identified sound to coexist alongside your brand’s retail presence is not in itself a new concept, yet a new survey now backs it up with impressive numbers.

Half of UK shoppers have taken to their heels because of annoying music and another half of them stated they were now less likely to return to the shop as a result of a less than favourable in store music experience.

However, to their relief, more and more retail brands are already starting to deal with the issue. Many have successfully taken music beyond a mere shop playlist, developing exciting in store activities that use music as a means to connect, as opposed to an afterthought resigned to the background.

It is initiatives such as Clarks’ pop-up gigs or Levi’s Craft of Music - both of which deliver interactive platforms for the brands to cement their association with music - that are leading the field when it comes to the new breed of musical shopping experiences.

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