Bic: Think Ink

Here’s a clever line of ads from pen manufacturer Bic emanating out of Brazil. Each ad from the campaign – which will play ‘only once’ – includes blink and you’ll miss it details of how to create the world's most famous soft drink, the location of the Holy Grail and, possibly most importantly, all the contact details (including mobile number and address) for a hot model.

The ads are effective on TV with all the content moving far too fast for a viewer to recall it from memory, thereby  pushing home the message that having a Bic pen handy is always an advantage.   However, in an age of YouTube and Tivo the ability to pause live TV and ads is well within reach.  It is this fact of life – which almost dispels the need for a pen – that actually helps to promote the product by driving users directly from their passive TVs to interactive online areas where the brand can showcase its product.

An interesting way of using competing technology and consumer desire to highlight the need for a basic low-tech device.

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