Billboard Yourself: You are the music

Ever wondered what your face would look like if it were made up of hundreds of miniature versions of Ozzy Osbourne, Bono or Britney Spears? No, me neither.

Having said that 'Billboard yourself'  - a Brazilian campaign from Billboard magazine -  has created a pretty neat little device that does just that. It's completely frivolous - but screams 'touch me' at passers by.

Simply dial in a selection of your favorite artists via the hands-on, amp-styled knobs on the vending machine sized unit and a camera will transpose miniature photos of the selected artists  onto your face. A series of proximity sensors will enable you to see the tiny images as you move closer to the machine.  Users can also take snapshots of themselves which are them sent to a dedicated flickr site.

[vimeo 11870207]

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