Billboards that give

Billboard ads tend to arrive in one of two forms. Firstly, as traditional static messages shouted in gigantic fonts at anyone who cares to listen or the other extreme which opts for innovative, interactive spaces that deliver an experience above and beyond the humdrum advertising modules.

Naturally we prefer the later, but innovative is expensive and these ads are usually rooted to one destination due to the cost implications.  What this means is that these clever installations really need to hit hard and deliver a simple and effective message, one with enough innovative to drive press attention to a wider audience whilst touching as many people on the ground on the day.

One billboard campaign that offered a purely altruistic approach to people on the ground came from Mey Eden, a mineral water company in Israel. The company developed the “Biggest Water Cooler in the World” on a busy street in Tel Aviv, offering both refreshment and some light entertainment for passers by.

With average temperatures around 30 degrees the interactive water cooler billboard – which had water dispensers built into its frame – delivered 10,000 litres of water in 120,000 cups to over 80,000 sweltering passers by.

A relatively simple sampling propostion, yet one that was delivered in an engaging way that left all the choices up to the consumer. If the brand had stood promo staff by a dispenser offering the same output, take up would probably have been far lower.

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