Bombay Sapphire: luxury Book Slam event

Bombay Sapphire is hosting a rather unique literary event in London this week (Thursday 4th August) as part of its UK ‘Imagination Series’ campaign – a selection of events that endeavour to “go beyond the ordinary".

The strictly invite only event sees the gin brand teaming up with Book Slam to create a literary-infused, 19th Century gin palace come hipster book club in the heart of Shoreditch.

The event is billed as an “eclectic flight of the imagination” where a host of highbrow guests will “infuse historic romanticism with the latest, interactive technology”. These guests include award-winning poet, performer and author of 'Submarine' Joe Dunthorne, the BAFTA award-winning League of Gentleman screenwriter Jeremy Dyson and Zero 7 vocalist Eska.

Tickets were exclusively offered to followers of the brand’s Facebook page and the night promises to be a interesting meld of music and the spoken word set in appropriately opulent and indulgent surroundings.

With many brands currently channelling all of their attention onto the four main pillars of entertainment – music, sport, art and film – its encouraging to see a brand stepping out and harnessing the power of the written/spoken word in this way, proving there is more mileage in books than merely sponsoring an award or a series of recommended reads.

Recapturing literature as a decedent part of an luxury lifestyle is a clever move and it will be interesting to see which brands make a concerted move towards this area in the future.

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