Bounty: Rappers clean up

Super absorbent US paper towel brand Bounty is once again rolling out  its rapping scientists - Mr. Absorbent and Dr. Spotless - for a second musical outing in a new commercial in the US.

The rap duo had previously brought their rhyming and science skills to prominence in the ‘Bring It’ ad earlier this year. The commercial demonstrated the strength of the brand by balancing pool balls on a wet bounty towel without it breaking, whilst the white coated rappers delivered classic lines such as: “Bounty, Bounty almost as strong as a Canadian mountie”.

The new commercial see the rappers taking over a high school class as substitute teaches in order to deliver a rap about the whiteness of the brand’s cleaning experience – complete with white gloved neon rave scene, Rev Run from Run DMC & mimes.

Although not completely original –with the rap parody fairly well mined - the ads are great from a viral perspective, and deliver what is essentially a fairly one dimension message with real flair and imagination.

Playing devils advocate you could question who this style of ad is actually aimed at. It has a distinctly ‘youth’ feel for a product which is mostly aimed at suburban housewives. However, with the runaway success of Toyota’s recent ‘Swagger Wagon’ rap parody of suburban family life, the rap viral is now seemingly best suited to this demographic.

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