Brand potential for bike-powered record player

Despite the rapid pace of technological advancement in marketing these days, and our passion for all things digital, we also love it when we find examples of simply ingenuity. Concepts that turn the mundane and often-discarded elements of our lives into something magical.

Feats Per Minute’, a unique creative labour of love from three Amsterdam-based creatives, is just that – a bicycle that plays records as you pedal, with each record used dictating a certain BPM cycle speed.

It’s the kind of simple idea that you wish you'd thought of first, however, it hasn’t been so simple in terms of construction, with a number of obstacles to overcome – not least the problem posed by jumping needles.

We have a soft spot for all things steampunk (the megaphone amplifier is a particularly nice touch) and this is a beautiful meld of the tactility of vinyl with the emotion and physicality of cycling, creating something uniquely personal.

Although mass production isn’t all that likely, we could easily see a brand harnessing multiple versions of the bike for either an outdoor marketing stunt or a large-scale ad campaign. Imagine several hundred ‘Feats Per Minute’ bicycles converging on a small town, all playing the same song through pedal power.

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