Branded for life

Jagermeister is to let some of the world's biggest tattoo stars loose on three “lucky" sweepstake competition winners, turning their bodies into real life canvases.

The ‘Jager for Life’ campaign will enable tattoo fans to jump the queues on yearlong waiting lists to gain access to some of needlepoint’s biggest stars.  Artists involved include Mario Barth (who has inked the likes of Usher, Lenny Kravitz, and Tommy Lee) Josh Lord of East Side Ink (whose work adorns Rihanna's body) and Ruthless the hottest new tattoo talent in LA.

However, these ”living tattoo legends’ won’t just be applying any old anchor and swallow tattoo. They will create their own individual interpretations of Jagermeister and its distinctive square green bottle logo and stag and cross label onto the winners bodies.


Apparently this isn’t an uncommon practice, as Bill Henderson, SVP of Marketing and Advertising at Sidney Frank Importing Company, suggests:  “We receive thousands of emails from Jagermeister fans with images of their Jagermeister inspired tattoos”.

Jagermeister is also teaming up with Inked Magazine on a platform surrounding the campaign, which will reach out to the tattoo community and invite them to showcase their own personal tattoos online.

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