Brands and the EDM boom

The global upsurge in interest in EDM (Electronic Dance Music), emanating from the US acceptance of Dubstep and its subsequent pop crossover, has seen the genre scale to become a $4 billion industry annually.

A decade ago no one would have guessed that EDM would grow to become one of the most influential genre of music in America. Yet its presence is now felt across all walks of life, from its integration into radio friendly pop to sell out festivals, right up to its absorption into prominent ad showcases (Bud Light’s 2012 use of Avicci in its Superbowl ad). What is key here is the genre’s newfound mass appeal, which has audiences beyond the confines of traditional dance culture (whether the stalwarts of the scene are happy about it or not) now actively engrained in a movement that is wrapped up in the passion and spontaneity of a shared music experience.

Naturally, EDM’s rise has not been lost on brands, and a broad variety of sectors have struck key alignments with the genre’s biggest artists in order to harness the passions of their most ardent fan base. Whether its Trident and Steve Aoki, adidas and Dada Life or Skrillex and Hyundai, the race is on to capitalise on EDM’s vast audience pulling power.

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