Brands and entertainment at Euro 2012

With Euro 2012 now firmly behind us - but with a World Cup less than 700 short days away - it’s worth looking back and remembering that the coming together of the titans of European football is about more than just a celebration of sporting prowess.

Yes, the millions of fans that flooded the streets of Poland and the Ukraine were there to see their idols engage in battle on the pitch, but at the heart of it all they were also there to revel in one of Europe’s most emotive entertainment spectacles.

With a cavalcade of music acts performing across the eight dedicated fan zones and brands out in force engaging with fans at their most passionate, this was a festival of music, entertainment and culture  - a celebration of the emotion that underpins football.


Over the course of Euro 2012 we complied three reports, taking a snapshot view of the brands leveraging entertainment, from the initial kick off, to the half time oranges, right up to the final.

You can download FRUKT's exclusive reports below:

Euro 2012 Brands and Entertainment Report  - Part 1: Kick Off

Euro 2012 Brands and Entertainment Report  - Part 2: Half Time

Euro 2012 Brands and Entertainment Report  - Part 3: Full Time

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