Brands and Music Asia: Insight Report

FRUKT has teamed up with the Music Matters conference in Singapore to take a look at key music and brand partnerships in the Asia Pacific region. Download our ‘Exclusive Brands And Music Asia Insight Report’, showcasing a wide variety of brand and artist alignments across areas such as Korea, Japan, China and the Philippines.

East meets West

With the West still getting to grips with the notion that artist/brand partnerships can help facilitate both new revenue streams and platforms for creativity, Asia in many ways has been ahead of the game. With brand alignments built into the artist business model from the offset, as much of a core component of the package as the music itself, commercial deals are widespread.

Girls Generation, for example – a group that has racked up an impressive tally of brand alignments over the years (27 just in 2011 alone) is a good benchmark for the way the Asian music business is pushing West.  The group recently made a concerted push in the USA, appearing on the ‘Late show with David Letterman’ (performing in English) as demand outside of Asia saw them releasing an album in the US.


Another massive all female group, 2NE1 (who recently netted an MTV Iggy Award in the US for ‘Best New Band in the World’) are currently being mentored and produced by for a stateside release. Although the album is still in production, a collaborative track is already in use as part of a creative partnership with Intel.

And the list goes on with localised brands too, as Jeju Airlines inks a deal with Korean boy band Big Bang this week to act as ambassadors as it looks to broader its reach across Asia, while k-pop girl group KARA helps Unilever position the Rexena deodorant brand in Japan.

With the brand pact firmly ingrained and Asian artists vying for traction across an international market,  it's now no longer a question of whether the musical and cultural divide will shrink between East and West, but when. The bigger question is which brands will be out in front facilitating innovative collaborations when it does.


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