Brands at the BRITs

So, after 4.5 million TV viewers, 4 million tweets and enough alcohol consumed by the music industry’s elite to sink a battleship, the BRIT Awards – that landmark juncture in the UK music business calendar  – is done and dusted for another year.  But what have we learned, aside from the fact that Rock N Roll has evolved from ‘TVs thrown out of hotel rooms’ into ‘limply discarded microphones’ and that there is a good reason you rarely hear Kate Moss speak.

The BRITs has often been viewed as the poor cousin of the GRAMMYs, but with a stellar line up of international talent this year (Beyonce, Pharrell, Katy Perry) and a broader global and social remit, the event is clearly hot on the heels of its American counterpart.

Brand activity is still not quite on the scale of the GRAMMYs either, which acts as the musical equivalent of the Super Bowl in terms of ad spend and activation, however, 2014 saw significant involvement from a range of brands directly involved with the BRITs (MasterCard, Nokia, VO5, Revlon, etc).

The ad breaks themselves, somewhat disappointingly, still aren’t directly capitalising on the audience’s appetite for music during this (increasingly rare) live moment of shared TV viewing. That said, there were some notable music syncs from the likes of Mars, Netflix, Microsoft, Renault, McVities and Cadbury’s, plus MoneySupermarket rolled out its Snoop Dogg infused ad and Mercedes its Sound With Power commercial with Tinie Tempah, but none really seized the opportunity in an overtly memorable way.


Then download FRUKT’s 'BRIT Awards 2014 Insight Report’ here as we unpack the brands activating around the event, from the key sponsors and those rubbing shoulders with VIPs backstage to those brands gatecrashing the party on social media. 

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