Brands look to personalisation in 2012

Following a trend across 2011, brands will continue to push forward with promotions that enable consumers to personalise their experience of a brand and its products as they look to drive deeper engagement.

Whether it’s Bacardi turning over experiential event curation to its Facebook fans, the Kaiser Chiefs inviting fans to create personalised versions of their album, or Coca Cola offering up bespoke named drinks cans, the ability to tailor content, services, rewards and brand experiences is a key differentiator between the brand that pushes messages and those that enable the customer to be the pivotal point of a campaign.

We’ve spotted a fair few early instigators of the 2012 personalisation push already. Toyota is encouraging fans of its latest music led promotion to develop bespoke pop videos featuring the animated stars of is ATL campaign, airline KLM is letting its customers chose who sits next to them based on their social media compatibility and Heineken is putting QR codes to effective use on the music festival scene, helping music fans showcase their individuality and meet new people.

With the concept of the ‘average shopper’ or consumers that fit into neat segmented demographics rapidly being resigned to history, the drive is on to create an individual-level understanding of the consumer in 2012 - what they are passionate about and how they ultimately want to shape, mould and interact with the world around them.

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