Budweiser: Ice Cold Index

When it comes to reward promotions, sometimes it's nice to be rewarded for all the hard effort you put in to interacting with a campaign or for your continued loyal custom. However, sometimes it's just as gratifying being rewarded for something you ultimately have no control over, something that quite frankly requires no effort whatsoever.

This recent app-based campaign from Budweiser in Ireland falls very much into the later category.

The 'Budweiser Ice Cold Index' is a free mobile app that offers rewards based on that most unpredictable, and often unreliable, of things - the weather.  The hotter it gets the better the offers. If it's 20 degrees outside - which has been known in Ireland - your pint's free. However, that’s not all. If it only makes it to 18 or 19 degrees you'll get €2 off, or €1 off if it only hits 16 or 17 degrees. Plus the promotion lasts all summer giving people plenty of chances to save.

The codes, however, last a mere 2 minutes before they expire. Which requires a fairly rapid dash from the beach (yes, they have beaches in Ireland) to the pub to redeem it. Or, which is probably more likely the intention of this app, you'll have to spend your incredibly rare Irish beach time in the beer garden.

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