Budweiser: Poolball nightlife experience

Not all sportsmen are finely tuned athletes, and brands are increasingly looking to target the armchair athlete, the causal sports enthusiast with new lifestyle marketing initiatives.

Puma’s After Hours Athlete promotion is possibly the most notable campaign of late to directly turn its attention on sporting activates with a focus more on the sociability aspect of sport than traditional events. However, Cadbury’s somewhat questionable Spots Vs Stripes campaign touched on a similar aesthetic as did Diesel when it chose to focus on the fact its footwear wasn’t actually for running in.

Now Budweiser is the latest to step up to the sport and nightlife hybrid alongside Puma as its latest ad campaign introduces a new sport, Poolball.

“Same pool rules, same soccer fantasies” says Budweiser, as it turns a normally reserved game of pool into a passionate, social nightlife experience for both players and spectators. The concept saw the beer brand setting up 7x3 metre pool tables in various pubs across Buenos Aires inviting teams to go head-to-head as they attempted to kick 15 soccer balls into billiard holes resembling goals.

The various games were also broadcast live via ESPN and Fox Sports, turning the alternative spin on pub football into a viable sporting event.

The idea follows on directly from an Irish ad campaign from late last year which depicted people playing an oversized game of pool on a Los Angeles rooftop, using 40ft pool cues and metre high pool balls.

It’s a simple initiative but one that could actually become a staple pub game with the right positioning into the market. A clever move by the beer brand which gives it not only a unique ad campaign (which is already spreading virally) but an ownable piece of branded social entertainment in the run up to the Olympics.

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