Building social traction through art

We love this new promotion from VW Canada, which takes the world of art – so often put on a pedestal out of consumer reach – and turns it into a hands-on treasure hunt, taking the gallery experience to the heart of social media and making it personal again.

The automotive sector has always had a soft spot for the world of art, whether it’s Jeff Koons applying his artistic talent to a BMW or Mercedes partnering up with the Louvre in Paris. However, most of these campaigns  - even the more experiential ones – often feel detached from the viewer. It’s still very much a gallery experience, with the consumer looking on in admiration at something intangible.

Volkswagen’s ‘Art Heist’, however, turns the tables, setting up pop up galleries across Canada and breaking a gallery taboo by inviting people to steal the limited edition prints (framed versions of light art created by its vehicles).

The brand is also encouraging the art thieves to post details about their numbered print hauls on Facebook and Twitter, thereby setting up a virtual gallery across the wider social media spectrum – putting high art back amongst the people and giving them an enviable status update at the same time.

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