Burger King: Audio Showers

Burger King is rolling out personalised music spaces in one of its new restaurants in Japan.  Visitors simply take along their personal music player, which they can plug  into a wall socket on their table after purchasing their meal.  Music will then rain down upon them from a translucent cone lampshade above them – referred to as a “musical shower”.

The emphasis is on ambient background music, and without having visited the new establishment personally it’s hard to say just how well the channeling of music works in order to keep it truly personal.  If it is precise enough then this has every chance of pushing westwards in the near future.

However. if the audio isn’t completely specific to each table destination then Japanese BK customers run the risk of being caught mid way between a J-Pop and Linkin Park mash up.

It’s a cute idea though, and one that re-envisages the old record store listening booth concept. The only slight question is whether it unnecessarily heightens customer dwell time, especially in the youth demographic, in what is essential a fast moving environment.  As ever with personalisation brands have to forgo a certain level of control in order to offer something truly bespoke for their customers.

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