Burger King: TwiHard

Burger King is continuing its long-standing partnership with everyone’s favourite teen angst vampire movie franchise with a new in-store game.

The game – a direct tie in with the release of Eclipse – revolves around Bella’s ongoing indecision between dating a lost boy (Edward) or a modern equivalent of Teen Wolf (Jacob).   Game pieces which are available with Value Meals ask users to select either a scratch off image of Jacob or Edward  to be in with a chance of winning a series of prizes (including BK products, a 2011 Volvo, a Vespa, private screenings, movie tickets for a year and even a whopping $100,000)

A series of accompanying TV ads steers well clear of an obvious Vampire-based narrative and instead opts to focus on the hardcore fans and their uncompromising passion for the book and movie franchise. BK has recruited a group of 'TwiHard' fans from opposing Edward and Jacob camps – all young teen female, selected during special recruitment events in various US cities –  to attempt to convince restaurant attendees to opt for their favourite character on the gaming card.

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